Genesee County Drain Commission Potter Road Restoration

Genesee County Drain Commission Potter Road Restoration

July 13, 2018

Dear Resident,

I want to thank you for your continued patience and understanding as the restoration process for the waterline project along Potter Road continues, and nears its conclusion. While we are excited to be able to say the project is indeed nearing the end, there are still substantial items yet to complete. I also want to reassure each of you that if issues of concern arise in the future, related to our construction, we will return to address those potential problems.

As you may be aware, substantial restoration for the Potter Road project is ongoing. Paving of driveway entrances and final paving of the surface roadway has begun, with completion slated for the end of this month (July), weather dependent. Topsoil, seeding, mulch, and grading of both the north and south sides of the roads has begun. The goal, barring weather issues, is for this to be completed by mid to late summer.

My office has noted the presence of higher than normal weeds along the ditch line. I want you to know this is one of our top action items. My office is doing everything possible to have the contractor deal with this issue in a serious and expeditious manner. Weeding will continue in earnest throughout the summer, and seeding will continue as weather allows. Top lawn experts our office has reached out to have indicated a weed and feed program can be successful during this time of the year, if done after a large rain event. We are hopeful to accomplish that in the next couple of weeks. In addition, these experts also indicated mowing the affected areas will decrease the weed presence in those areas. We are working with local contractors to have the affected areas mowed as soon as possible.

While this issue is due to less than optimal weather conditions, until this and other issues are resolved, I have directed my office to withhold several hundred thousand dollars in payments due to the contractor. We will continue to withhold these funds until the issues above are addressed to our satisfaction. This issue WILL be resolved.

To close, it is my desire to continue to keep communication open between all Potter Road residents, and my office. If you have any questions or concerns please call our Project Engineer Don Camp at 810­624-1903. If your concerns are not addressed, please call me directly at my office at 810-732-7870.


 Jeff Wright — Genesee County Drain Commissioner

GCDC Potter Road Restoration