Summer Projects Wrap Up

Wrapping up another BUSY summer!

Summer just blasted by, didn’t it?!  But the City of Burton made use of every minute of it, improving and protecting roads and replacing water lines, among other things. Here’s a recap of some of this summer’s major projects.

Center Road, Lippincott-Lapeer
Another section of busy Center Road made smooth! This Federal Aid resurfacing project included:

  • hot mix asphalt milling and resurfacing
  • drainage improvements
  • miscellaneous concrete curb and gutter work
  • concrete sidewalk repair on the east side and ADA ramp repair and replacement
  • pedestrian signal installation

The estimated cost is $1,168,000, of which Burton’s share is approximately $234,000

Crack Seal Program

Water is the great destroyer of roads. This year the City invested about $100,000 to protect nearly 30 lane miles of City Major and Local roads, crack sealing: Atherton, Casto, Center, Connell, Davison, Judd, Lapeer, Lawnwood, Maple, Pinebrook, Pratt, Ridgemoor, Springfield and Whisper Ridge. The roads listed below were also crack-sealed, in preparation for chip seal treatment. 

Chip Seal Program
Chip seal is a relatively low cost treatment of embedding one or more layers of fine stones (chips) into hot tar to keep good roads from deteriorating to the point that a more expensive treatment would be required. We selected roads that were in fair condition (Rated a 4 or 5 on the PASER 10-scale), This City-wide project treated about 14 lane miles of roads including:

  • Bristol Road from Center to Belsay
  • Atherton Road from Center to Belsay
  • * Roberta Street from Belsay to Transue
  • * Brookwood from Belsay to Fair Lane
  • * Hemphill Road from Dort to Term
  • * Fern Street from Bristol to Maple
  • * Judd Road from Fern to Dort
  • * Manor Drive from Howe to Englewood
  • * Blanch Street from Pearl to school

* These roads were finished with a fog seal treatment. Total investment in better roads: $453,000

Potter Road

Last summer, the Genesee County Drain Commissioner installed a 42 inch water main along Potter Rd., part of which the City had reconstructed in 2015. This section has been repaired to a condition “as good or better” than it was, at the County’s expense. Mayor Zelenko worked with the County to also have the section of Potter Road from Egleston to the For-Mar entrance reconstructed at the same time, negotiating to pay just $120,000 of the $295,000 cost to rebuild this section. All of Potter Road is smooth again, from Egleston to Vassar Road!

Center Road Rail Crossings
As we go to press, CN Railroad is in the process of repairing the two railroad crossings on Center Road north of Court Street, including the double set of tracks south of Robert T. Longway Blvd., and the tracks just north of Longway. There was no cost to the City for this work.

Water Main Replacement Project DWRF Phase 5

Phase 5 of the 5-phase, 5-year, $22 million project to replace 19 miles of our oldest, most break-prone water main is in the books! At a cost of about $2,527,000, this phase of the project replaced pipes on: Boatfield Ave., Whittemore Ave., Connell St., James St., Columbine Ave., Fern Ave., Donovan St., Laurel St., Griffith Ct., and Kenneth St. (The pavement on Boatfield, Whittemore and Columbine was in such bad shape that these streets also required mill and 3” resurfacing, which added about $110,000 to the project.)
“We know that this project, while necessary and a great investment in Burton’s future, was disruptive and must have seemed never ending. Thank you for your abundant patience and understanding! You will be able to enjoy clean fresh water and smoother streets for many years to come!”  Mayor Zelenko

Your comments are welcome! Contact Robert Slattery, Burton Public Works Director, at: 742-9230 extension 3101, or by email at

Summer Projects Wrap Up