AV Ballot situation in the City of Burton

Dear Burton Residents:

Many Genesee County communities are sending out replacement ballots due to problems associated with the printing inconsistencies of this year's general election absentee ballots.

Please be aware that the City of Burton did not send out any absentee ballots yet because of the large number of printing inconsistencies found during our required testing.

The media reports you may hear regarding destroying your original ballot and voting replacement ballots do not apply to the citizens of the City of Burton. You will not receive any "replacement ballots" from the City of Burton.

The City of Burton is in the process of conducting the specification and testing requirements of newly printed absentee ballots. Barring any further problems, we estimate the testing will be complete by this Wednesday, October 12, 2016 and Burton voters should start receiving their absentee ballots closer to the end of this week.

Whether you receive your absentee ballot in the mail or at the clerk's counter, please be assured that absentee voters in the City of Burton will receive absentee ballots that meet specification and testing requirements. As an additional quality assurance, the stubs on these absentee ballots have green ink.

We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion due to this county-wide printing problem. Should you have any concerns regarding your ballot, please feel free to stop by or call the Burton City Clerk's office at (810) 743-1500 ext# 1402.


Mayor Paula Zelenko                             City Clerk Teresa Karsney