Special Assessments

Financing Public Improvement; special assessments

The making and financing of public improvements by the special assessment method shall be governed by ordinance Chapter 150 and all proceedings therefore shall be taken in accordance with the provisions of said ordinance.

A petition addressed to the Council may be filed with the City Clerk requesting the Council to make a public improvement therein described and to assess the cost thereof, or that part of the cost as the Council shall decide, upon the property benefited.  Any petition so filed may be in 1 or more parts and shall be signed by 50% of the owners of the property to be assessed for the improvement, and the City Clerk shall not present to the Council any petition not so signed.  A purchaser on land contract shall be deemed the owner of the land.

Irrespective of whether or not such a petition shall have been filed, the Council may determine to make any public improvement and to defray the whole or any part of the cost thereof by special assessments against property especially benefited thereby, and shall by resolution adopted by the affirmative vote of 7 members of the Council declare its intention to do so.