Fire Marshal Divison

The City of Burton Fire Marshal Division is under the direction of the Assistant Fire Chief.  The Assistant Chief serves as the Fire Code Official (Fire Marshal) for the City of Burton.  The Fire Marshal Division consists of State of Michigan Certified Fire Inspectors and State of Michigan Registered Code Officials.  All inspectors are trained to the NFPA Fire Inspector II level as well as NFPA Plans Examiner.  Inspectors also hold credentials through the State of Michigan to inspect and review fire alarm and fire suppression systems.  The Fire Marshal Division also investigates fire incidents that occur within the City of Burton.  

The following plans are required to be reviewed and approved by the Fire Marshal Division prior to any permits being issued.  This applies to all commercial occupancies:
  • General Building Plans
  • Marijuana Facility Plans (including combustible gas, CO, and CO2 detection systems)
  • New Suppression Systems
  • New Kitchen/Hood Suppression Systems
  • Suppression System Modification
  • Kitchen/Hood Suppression System Modification
  • New Fire Alarm System
  • Fire Alarm System Modification
The Fire Marshal Division issues all permits pertaining to suppression and fire alarm systems. Fire Department inspectors observe final acceptance testing of all fire suppression (including kitchen systems) and fire alarm systems.  Final inspections and testing are required before occupancy will be granted.  Inspections are also required for all new business, businesses that change ownership, or businesses that have a major renovation.

The State of Michigan - Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) also require that fire suppression and alarm systems are submitted through their online portal for approval and inspection at the BCC.   This is in addition to plan review and inspection processes required by the City of Burton Fire Department.

Applicable building permits must also be obtained through the City of Burton Building and Planning Department.   The City of Burton does not permit electrical, mechanical, or plumbing projects. These trades are permitted through the BCC and are inspected as such. However, the City does require proof of approvals of the trades before a rough and/or final inspection for the building permit will be issued.  

Current Codes Enforced by the Fire Marshal Division
(click the particular code to view):  
Click the link below for inspection, permit, plan review, and acceptance testing application and fee schedule. 
Once you complete the application and permit form (only applicable for alarm, suppression, and kitchen  systems) please contact the fire department to obtain the email address for the Assistant Fire Chief.  The Fire Marshal Division will then review the forms for accuracy and provide instructions on where to send plans and payment.

Application/Fee Schedule (click to download)
Inspection Checklists, Acceptance Testing Checklists, and Fact Sheets

Click on the below links to download a checklist of typical violations that the fire inspector will be looking for during your fire inspection.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office.

City of Burton - Fire Hydrant Identification Requirements

All hydrants within the City of Burton shall be brush painted to the following code:
  • Barrels are to be painted YELLOW
  • 6" Mains or Less:  Tops and Caps are to be painted RED
  • 8" Mains:  Tops and Caps are to be painted ORANGE
  • 10" and 12" Mains:  Tops and Caps are to be painted GREEN
  • 16" and 20" Mains:  Tops and Caps are to be painted BROWN
  • 24" Mains and Larger:  Tops and Caps are to be painted BLUE

Fire Department Connections (FDC)

All fire department connections are to be installed in accordance with City of Burton local ordinance, IFC, and applicable NFPA codes.  FDC locations and specifications shall be approved by the fire code official.  FDC shall consist of two 2 ½ in. (65 mm) connections using NH internal threaded swivel fitting(s) with “2.5–7.5 NH standard thread,” as specified in NFPA.

Questions regarding backflow prevention should be directed to Water Department Superintendent Dave Marshke at the City of Burton DPW.  He may be reached at (810) 742-9230 x 3106 or [email protected].

If you have any questions please contact the Fire Marshal Division and speak with the Assistant Fire Chief at (810) 742-2158.