Burton Police K-9 Unit


  The mission of the K-9 Unit is quite simple, to detect and deter crime... 

There are many ways police service dogs are utilized to fight crime -

•    Man Tracking 
•    Area Search in large fields or woods for hidden suspects
•    Building Search for hidden suspects
•    Evidence Recovery
•    Narcotic Detection
•    Physical Apprehension of dangerous criminals
•    Emergency Response Team Support

Your Burton Police K-9 Unit serves the community and enhances police patrol functions by utilizing the canine's keen senses and abilities in detecting and apprehending criminals.

Police Service Dog Requirements

Your police department has chosen dogs to serve the community that come from European bloodlines, which strive to produce the best working dogs in the world.  Rock solid temperament and a genetic predisposition for service work is the foundation on which our training is built. 

Burton Police Service Dogs have undergone radiographic examination and are routinely checked for physical health to insure a life of service work for our community. 

Training of your police dog is a dedicated labor of love and they are trained extensively, not only to maintain proficiency but to increase it.  Our dogs are certified by the North American Police Work Dog Association in areas of obedience, man tracking, area search for suspects, building search, physical apprehension and control, and narcotic detection.

Handler Information

PaulHorgeExperience and Dedication to the Unit...

K-9 Unit handlers are selected by the Chief of the Burton Police based in part, upon experience and desire to serve in the K-9 Unit.

Citizen Guidelines


What should and shouldn't you do if you encounter a police dog while on duty? 

The most important thing is to allow the handler and dog to do their job; staying out of the way is probably the most helpful thing a citizen can do.  Often you may see a handler and his canine tracking a suspect, perhaps even through your own yard. Everyone is curious, but by walking around to get a better look at what's going on just makes the K-9 teams work that much more difficult. 

Citizens are justifiably concerned about what is happening when they see police officers in their neighborhood, but trying to stop the handler and his dog to ask questions while they are working is not the best time to do so.  If you have important information to pass on, direct it to support officers that are with the K-9 handler. 

Do not approach a police K-9 vehicle that is unattended!  Trying to get a peek at the police service dog could cause aggressive behavior and could be a danger to you; it is not only unsafe to tease a police dog, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW.

If you should ever find yourself in the RARE situation of having a suspect run by you that is being chased by a police dog, the best thing to do is just stand still; by standing still the dog will not pay as much attention to you. 

One last don't... don't try to pet a police dog without permission of the handler.  Police dogs are not just another family pet; they are trained law enforcement tools and must be treated with regard for the work they must perform.