Mayor and City Council Sign Resolution for Bataan and Corregidor Veterans Memorial Highway

Mayor and City Council Sign Resolution for Bataan and Corregidor Veterans Memorial Highway

The Mayor and the Burton City Council signed a joint resolution in support of House Bill 4750 during the May 6, 2019 council meeting. 

State Representative Tim Sneller (D-Burton) introduced the legislation to rename a portion of Interstate 69 in the city of Burton, as the “Bataan and Corregidor Veterans Memorial Highway” and reported on  HB 4750 during his legislative update to the Burton Mayor and City Council.

“It is important that we acknowledge and honor the service of these brave men who endured the unthinkable while defending our country,” Rep. Sneller said. “We must never take for granted what it takes to preserve the freedom and ideals that make our country great, and with the dedication of this highway we can display our gratitude and ensure their sacrifices will not be forgotten.”

During World War II, the Japanese military bombed Pearl Harbor and the Philippine Islands simultaneously in December of 1941. The Philippine Islands were crucial to Japan’s success going forward in the war, and it was there that the Battles of Bataan and Corregidor were fought, resulting in an estimated 750,000 combined civilian and military deaths. Approximately 75,000 Americans and Filipinos were taken prisoner on Bataan and forced to make the now-infamous 70-mile Bataan Death March to prison camps.

“Highway designations such as this are not only a reminder of the service given by our armed forces,” said the mayor, ”They are a tool of awareness and education of the battles, the sacrifices, and the histories that brave men and women endured to protect freedom and human rights.”

 Council President Steve Heffner stated, “The younger generations will Google this information when they see the highway signs; the history lives on.”

 HB 4750 has received bipartisan support and is expected to be referred to the House Committee on Transportation.

Bataan and Corregidor Veterans Memorial Highway Resolution