Pothole Hotline

The City of Burton wants to make it easier for residents to report problems they encounter with city streets.

Starting immediately, motorists can report road defects to the city DPW department through an email "pothole hotline" established for just this purpose.

According to the Mayor, the intent is to make the roads safer for residents and help motorists avoid the costly vehicle damage that can occur when they hit a "wheel-buster" pothole.

"We know roads in Burton, like roads all over Michigan, are suffering from the effects of years of chronic road maintenance under funding," the Mayor said. "Until the state provides adequate funding we will not be able to resurface all the roads that really need it now. So we already know that roads are not as good as we would like them. But we also know that motorists sometimes encounter those "wheel-buster" potholes, or other safety issues that can develop literally overnight, on their travels within the city. These are the potholes that we want motorists to tell us about. These are the things we want to fix as soon as possible because they can be hazardous, and costly, to all who use our streets."

The Deputy DPW Director says that her crew is committed to responding as quickly as possible to road defects reported to his department. "Safety is the main thing. We can’t fill all the holes – in fact, if we had adequate funding to resurface the roads that need it we would do that and get out of the pothole patching business. But in the meantime, if residents report large potholes or other road defects that can be safety issues we will fix them fast".

The email pothole hotline, [email protected], is another way Burton residents can report road defects, in addition to using the link on the web site or calling them in. The pothole hotline has the advantage of being available 24/7.

For additional information contact: City of Burton, Deputy DPW Director, Amber Abbey at 742-9230  ext 3103.