Mayor Extends State of Emergency



Mayor Haskins ensures meetings to continue for operation of City business

April 1, 2021

BURTON- In a proactive measure designed to ensure that City business will still be conducted, Mayor Haskins today, under section 4.5 (h) of City Charter, declared an extension of the State of Emergency until May 4, 2021, due to the concerns of council members and board members being medically vulnerable.

The Mayor stressed that under the provisions of the Open Meetings Act expiring March 31st, 2021 for allowing video meetings to conduct City business, could not only cripple our City, but also create undue financial burdens. The provisions under the OMA 15.263 allows video meetings to still be conducted in the event of a local State of Emergency.

“It is very important that our City is able to conduct City business.  Understanding that we have City Council Members and various board members that are medically vulnerable.  If any of our Council Members or board members become ill and are unable to attend meetings, could potentially stall time sensitive City business from being approved and moving forward.”  

Haskins assured residents that the City will remain open and operating as usual, but still enforcing social distancing along with wearing masks in any City building.

The Mayor wants to express his gratitude and thanks to the City Council and board members for continuing to fulfill their duties during this pandemic.

Anyone with questions may call City Hall at 810-743-1500.